What does it currently do

  • This project aims to be a full port of the original C# NEO project
  • Run a Python based P2P node
  • Interactive CLI for configuring node and inspecting blockchain
  • Compile, test, deploy and run Smart Contracts written in python or any Smart Contract in the .avm format
  • NEP2 and NEP5 compliant wallet functionality
  • RPC Client
  • RPC server
  • Notification Server ( for viewing transfers of NEP5 tokens )
  • Runtime.Log and Runtime.Notify event monitoring

What will it do

  • Consensus nodes
  • Full smart contract debugging and inspection

Getting started

Please follow directions in the install section

The main functionality for this project is contained within the cli application prompt.py. You can view usage details here

We have published a Youtube video to help get you started with this library. There are other videos under the CityOfZion Youtube channel.

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